H.L. Mencken. The American Credo

H.L. Mencken, G. J. Nathan, The American Credo

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Venkatesh. Off the Books

Off the Books: The Underground Economy of the Urban Poor (Sudhir Alladi Venkatesh) Harvard University Press, 2009.

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Nick Turse. Kill anything that moves

Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam (Nick Turse)

– Highlight Loc. 40-56 |

The visceral horror of what happened at My Lai is undeniable. On the evening of March 15, 1968, members of the Americal Division’s Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 20th Infantry, were briefed by their commanding officer, Captain Ernest Medina, on a planned operation the next day in an area they knew as “Pinkville.”

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Hyman Minsky. Ending Poverty

Ending Poverty: Jobs, Not Welfare (Hyman P. Minsky)

– Subrayado Pos. 2713-25 | Añadido el domingo 14 de septiembre de 2014 19H13′ GMT

In the Walras-Pareto theory each household is assigned some initial endowment. Trading takes place. Each household is assumed to trade only if the trade makes it better off, or at least no worse off.

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Karl Jacoby. Crimes against Nature

Crimes against Nature: Squatters, Poachers, Thieves, and the Hidden History of American Conservation (Karl Jacoby)

This linkage of an environmental crisis (deforestation and water loss) and a social crisis (urbanism and the undermining of traditional models of masculinity) captures the modern and antimodern impulses that, in uneasy combination, lay at the core of the nascent conservation movement.

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Kathrine Beckett. Making Crime Pay

Making Crime Pay: Law and Order in Contemporary American Politics (Katherine Beckett)

The capacity of elites to mobilize public opinion depends upon their ability to select symbols and rhetoric that will resonate with deep-seated «myths»20 and make sense of lived experience.

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Katherine Beckett. Banished

Banished: The New Social Control in Urban America (Katherine Beckett and Steve Herbert)

At the core of this regime lie practices of banishment. Increasing swaths of urban space are delimited as zones of exclusion from which the undesirable are banned. The uniformed police are marshaled to enforce and often delineate these boundaries; they use their powers to monitor and arrest in an attempt to clear the streets of those considered unsightly or «disorderly.»

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